Advertising Strategies

Ideal Kids- perfect families or kids are attractive and pleasant looking
Scale – the product is made to look bigger or smaller than is actually is
Family Fun – a product is shown as something that helps families have fun
Put Downs – Put down a competitor’s product to make own product seem better
Excitement – a product is shown to be fun, or shown in a fun setting
Facts or Figures – using facts to improve a products trustworthiness
Star Power – using a favorite sports star or celebrity to say the product is the best
Repetition – repeating a product name or seeing it over and over
Join the Crowd – Everyone is buying the latest snack food
Feel Good – Use stories to make you feel good
Sounds Good – Using music or other sound effects like jingles or increasing the volume of commercials
Cartoon Characters – Use characters that kids identify with products
Misleading Words – “Part of…”, “Natural…”, “New, better tasting…”, “The taste of real…”
Omission – Leaving out the complete story of a product
Are You Cool Enough? show people that look uncool trying a product and becoming better looking or doing cool things
Colors, Graphics – use these to get attention

Adapted from the Media Awareness Network

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