Lesson Plan: Current Event Inquiry – Step 2

Academic Standards
8.4.11 Identify topics; ask and evaluate questions; and develop ideas leading to inquiry, investigation, and research.
8.7.12 Deliver research presentations that... present information on charts, maps, and graphs.

AASL Standards: Inquire, think critically, and gain knowledge

1.2.1 Display initiative and engagement by posing questions and investigating the answers beyond the collection of superficial

1.2.2 Demonstrate confidence and self-direction by making independent choices in the selection of resources and information.

Student Prior Knowledge:
Students have previously completed the Internet Research Unit and will be utilizing the skills of using search terms, locating reliable sources, taking notes and documenting source information.

Overview: After exploring and some basic questioning (Watching and Wondering) regarding current events, students have located ONE current article from a reputable online newspaper source and are ready to revisit the Wondering step in order to develop more in-depth questions.

Student Materials:

Throughout the process, the teacher and class will also be inquiring about a current event together. Prior to each step
in the 8W model, the teacher AND class will work through a brief warm up which will guide the students through the expectations and processes within each step of the model. This allows the students to get a feel for how they should proceed through the inquiry.

Warm Up…
· Teacher and students read the class current event article together and create a 5W graphic organizer together.
o Address misconceptions students reveal about the 5Ws

Student Activity:
· Using their chosen article, students use a graphic organizer to determine the 5Ws of the article

Warm Up:
· Teacher and students revisit the class current event article and graphic organizer
· Teacher and students brainstorm “wondering” questions, then expand the graphic organizer to include the new set of

· Teacher verbally shares his or her thinking process that led to the new question(s).

Student Activity:
· Using the 5W graphic organizer they created in part one, the student expands the graphic organizer to include the new set
of questions.

· As students work on their graphic organizer, the teacher must check in periodically to encourage more questioning,
otherwise some students will try to stop with only the basic 5W information.

Next Step:
· Students are ready to begin WEBBING and locate answers to the new questions they have developed. This will help them
better inform the class and enable them to answer questions classmates have.