Indiana Academic Standards:
4.2.5 Compare and contrast information on the same topic after reading several passages or articles.
4.4.7 Use multiple reference materials and online information (the Internet)

AASL Standards: Inquire, think critically, and gain knowledge
Develop and refine a range of questions to frame the search for new understanding
1.1.7 Make sense of information gathered from diverse sources by identifying misconceptions, main and supporting ideas,
conflicting information, and point of
view or bias.
1.1.9 Collaborate with peers to broaden and deepen understanding.

Teacher Materials Needed
· pairs of current event articles (the pair should include 2 DIFFERENT articles on the same topic) Possible sources: Time for Kids or local newspaper, online articles

Student Materials:
Current Event Inquiry elementary.doc
Current Event Venn Diagram.doc

Part One – 5Ws

  • Choose one of the current event articles
  • Model: Read the article as a class and determine the 5Ws of the article
    • Address misconceptions students reveal about the 5Ws
  • Students choose one of the remaining articles they find interesting
  • Each student reads his or her article.
  • In small groups (of students with the same article) determine the 5Ws and record their findings in the first column of the graphic organizer

Part Two: Beyond the 5Ws
  • Point out to the students that many times articles do not give us all the information we are wondering about.
  • Model: Using the original article and 5Ws, the teacher and students brainstorm a list of “wondering” questions related to the topic and fill them in the 5W chart.
  • Teacher verbally shares his or her thinking process that led to new question(s).
  • Students repeat the questioning process by developing their own “wondering” questions for their previously chosen article and fill them in the "This is what I want to know" column of the graphic organizer
  • Assignment -Using the second article about their current event or issue AND one other source (asking a parent, watching the news, looking in the newspaper, listening to the radio, going online, etc.) students record their answer to the new questions in the last two columns of the graphic organizer
  • Students report back to small groups and share the information obtained.
    • Students point out facts, opinions, inconsistencies and similarities in the information obtained
  • Journal Writing - Individually, students reflect on which source was the best source for gathering information and explain their reasoning
  • Students compare the information they obtained from the two new sources and create a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the information and sources they used.


· Wondering” questions are developed for each of the 5W’s
· Correct placement of statements within the Venn Diagram